Beautiful  @hey.eden @hey.eden   HOW DOES MEDICAL SCHOOL WORK?  Credit @hey.eden...

Beautiful @hey.eden @hey.eden HOW DOES MEDICAL SCHOOL WORK? Credit @hey.eden…

Beautiful ?? @hey.eden @hey.eden HOW DOES MEDICAL SCHOOL WORK? Credit @hey.eden ✨
My friends and family are almost always confused about where I am, what I’m doing and what else I have to do! I realize the steps to complete medical school is not general knowledge. So here is my best attempt of breaking it down:

First 2 years: you’re in the classroom and trying to learn the material before you go into the hospital/clinic. At the end of your second year, you take a board exam (STEP 1/LEVEL 1).

Third year: This is your clinical year. Each school is different but for the most part, you’re in one area/hospital getting your feet wet in a clinical setting. You’re thinking what you learned in the classroom and seeing how it’s applied in real life with real patients. You do rotations…which are allotted junks of time in one area of medicine. Examples: Surgery, OB/GYN, Family Medicine, Pediatrics ? etc. At the end of each rotation, you take an exam. At this point, you should be thinking (if you don’t already know) what kind of doctor you want to be. Surgical? Non-surgical? Only kids? Only adults? Both? Specialize? General? At the end of third year, you take 2 board exams; one where you see standardized patients (STEP 2 CS/LEVEL 2 PE) and the other one is a multiple choice exam (STEP 2 CK/LEVEL 2 CE).

Fourth year: aka the best year. For the most part, this is still a clinical year so you’re still doing rotations and seeing patients. BUT you’ve passed all your board exams and other tests in medical school (woohoo!) and you know what you want to do (I hope). So you are preparing for your first job as a doctor aka residency next year. What does that entail? Interviewing at different residencies and/or visiting a residency for a rotation. And depending on how you plan it, it could include A LOT of traveling or staying in one area.

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